Screening and Identification

Conduct identification on developmental disability with a team of medical and health care experts and help families to place their children for growth and developmental programmes.

Advisory Clinic

Conducted with panel of experts on developmental disabilities and provides information and guidance on institution/home based child developmental programmes with periodical follow ups.

Early Intervention (0 to 5 years)

Infants and toddlers are subjected to enrich sensory and motor mile stone development therapy.

Developmental Therapies

Professional physical and occupational therapists impart therapy programmes based on Neuro Developmental Therapy, Sensory Integration and helps children to acquire and learn motor control, balance co-ordination and mobility.

Speech Language and Communication Therapy

Children with articulation and communication disorders are evaluated and supported through speech therapy and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) methods.

Pre-Primary and Special Education

Through education assessment each child’s learning ability is recorded and he or she is subjected to pre- primary and special education programmes and prepare each child to join for inclusive education.

Medical and Surgical Intervention

The medical need of each child is closely monitored and they are referred to receive excellent medical treatments from institutions and medical practitioners having outstanding expertise. Arrangements are made to conduct special orthopaedic and deformity correction surgeries for children with neuro muscular disorders to improve their cosmetic and functional potential

Drug Bank

The drug bank provides free of cost prescribed medicines that helps to bring rhythm inside the brain and helps brain chips to communicate in synchronized manner.

Steps to Independence

As children grow and reach age of 5 years our team under the head of occupational therapist begin special therapy programmes to develop motor and cognitive skills to learn and practice self care activities such as brushing, bathing, grooming and feeding.

Infants and toddlers need high calories, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to support their normal growth and development. Children with disabilities and feeding problems need special nutrition formulas to catch up growth. These children are supported by extending special nutrition therapy.

Sharing class with N.S.S.H.S KOTTAYAM

Inclusive Education

Jyothis is proud of streamlining many students for inclusive education in various mainstream schools at Kottayam.This has proved to be a glowing light for many a parent.


It is a testimony and ray of hope to see that many children with features of cerebral palsy and minimal brain dysfunction are graduated from our pre-school and special education programme and are integrated with their peer groups for further learning in mainstream school.Today, the children and their families are leading their life with self-esteem and dignity.

Surgical outcome

Special muscular-skeletal and deformity correction surgeries of our children enable them to maintain their skill in posture, mobility which they accrued through early intervention and physiotherapy programmes. They are able to transfer them from place to place and reduced the care giving burdens from their aging parents.

General- Well child

Children born with neurological impairments are unable to grow and develop as a typically developing child due to poverty, under-nutrition and improvised environment and chronic medical illness. We pay special focus on these issues and address them through special nutrition supplemental supply and assistance to families conducting home visits and arranging medical treatments.

Parent education, capacity building and empowerment

Families and care givers of children with disabilities are provided information and guidance about their child's disability and how to raise them as individual with care and support. Families are made aware of their growing children's rights and provisions extended by government and local bodies. In addition, interested and young youth with disabilities and efficient mothers of children are recruited and sponsored for training in various disciplines and appointed them as the staff of the school.

Assistive and Adaptive technology for children with special needs

Our centre is equipped with information and ideas in the fabrication of low cost custom made special equipments for children with developmental disabilities and help families to position, transport, and feed and groom their children with comfort. The use of this equipment plays a crucial role in the prevention of secondary muscular skeletal disorders like spinal scoliosis, dislocation of joints etc. It enhances the functioning abilities of children and minimisehealth related discomfort.Assessment plays a foundational role in special education. Students with disabilities are complex learners who have unique needs that exist alongside their strengths. Effective special education teachers have to fully understand those strengths and needs. The multiple faculties work as a team to assess each one the students at the time of admission in our institution. The team collects all information of the disable one from to his/her mother’s carrying stage to till date with the help of the Doctor’s Clinical observation and guidance. Physiotherapy Unit is headed by the Physiotherapist.

Creative Works ( Arts & Crafts)